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Frequently Asked Questions
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​I have a certain budget available, how can I make my building project fit my budget?

It is great to have a budget figure in mind at the start of a project. If you have not had work done in recent years it is hard to gauge what current costs are, but we can advise you on the type of home or addition that will fit your price range. 

What is your cost per square foot for a new home?

We are asked this question on a fairly regular basis. We have had homes everywhere between $80.00 per square foot and $400.00+ per square foot. At best, cost per square foot can only be considered as a very rough estimate of costs as there are many variables to be considered. For example, are there trees to remove from the lot? Will there be any existing structures to be removed from site? Is the soil sand or clay? Will any parts of the foundation need to be made taller in order to bear on undisturbed soil? Is there an exceptionally long drive that needs to be constructed? Will there be higher than normal costs to have utilities run into the home? Will the driveway be paved? What is the roof pitch of the home? What is to be used for siding and roofing? What type of floor covering? How much to spend on cabinets and countertops? Will the basement be finished? How many fireplaces? The list of questions can go on and on. The only way to prepare a realistic budget is to have specific plans and specifications to evaluate. 

Do you provide construction financing?

No, but we have a working relationship with area lenders that we could refer you to. 

How long will it take Tissue Construction Inc to complete my new home?

On average our new homes are completed for occupancy in 3-4 months. 

Do you provide assistance with all of the decorating decisions?

We have samples available for both exterior and interior choices. We also work with several decorators. 

How closely do you supervise a project?

Until near the end of the job we are on site nearly everyday, even if it is to just make an inspection. We provide clear direction to all of the subcontractors and suppliers involved in the project. Customers have access to us all during the working day by cell phone.

Can you get all of the necessary permits?

Yes, and any permit that requires a trade license is obtained by that trade. We also have experience with the extra permitting requirements for commercial projects. 

Can we request certain subcontractors be used?

It has always been our company policy to allow owners to request specific subcontractors. We decide this on an individual basis. Can the proposed subcontractor show ability to perform work, proper insurance, require licenses and financial stability?

What is the most immediate way to contact us?

Cell phone 616-835-5091 

If a builder is licensed, does this insure a quality job?

Unfortunately, No. Although it is very important to hire a licensed builder because of insurance and liability issues, neither a builder's license nor building inspections by building inspectors address the issue of quality. Just having a driver's license says very little about the safety of the driver. Your best insurance is to check the builder's referrals.

Do you provide assistance with plans?

If you have a basic idea of what you would like done, we have available a comprehensive computer design service to design the project that will meet your needs and fit your budget. We also have architects and engineers that we work with when sealed blueprints are required. 

How much of MY TIME will building a new home occupy?

This is really up to the individual owner. Although your input is necessary in the planning stages so we can build what you want, we have the organizational experience necessary to keep meetings to a minimum if that is your desire. We have built homes for people who were living in another state, with only a few on site meetings. Although owners are welcome to visit the job site at any time, one of the reasons people hire US is because they can trust us to closely supervise the work so that they do not have to! 

At what stage should I contact Tissue Construction Inc.?

Because of the plan and site analysis that we can provide the sooner we can look at your project the less likely efforts will be spent on dead ends. 

Can you start building in the winter?

Definitely! It just requires a little more careful weather watching, but with a well organized plan the foundation can be dug one day and the basement poured the next day. The basement and garage floors are not poured until after the structure is enclosed. 

What types of jobs do you have direct experience with?

New home construction. Home renovations and additions. Kitchen, bathroom and whole house remodeling. Drywall and drywall repair. Metal, cement board, vinyl and wood siding--new and replacement. Metal, wood and asphalt roofing--new and replacement. Fiberglass and cellulose insulation. Window and door (including overhead doors) replacement. Installation of sky lights. Exterior decks--covered and uncovered. Custom built cabinets and shelving. Three season porches. Basement finishing. Insurance work--termite repair, storm-water-fire damage. Foundation replacement and repair. All types and sizes of post frame buildings. New commercial and industrial construction. Renovation and remodeling of commercial and industrial buildings.